Total Small Business Liquidation & Going Out of Business Sales

Leap Auctions, LLC is family owned and operated in the State of Texas providing auction services for buyers and sellers with the experience and expertise you need when it comes to quality items and successful auctions. We specialize in the sale and disposition of livestock and heavy construction equipment, as well as agricultural equipment up for bid including tractors, hay equipment, shredders, tillage equipment, fertilizers, balers, bulldozers, excavators, backhoes and skid steers, antiques, collectibles, jewelry, gold, coins, vehicles and surplus assets in the State of Texas. In addition, Leap Auctions, LLC expertly perform full estate sales and total business liquidations. There are many circumstances that can lead a small business to disperse, but no matter the reasons, a liquidation might be the most optimal solutions.

Going Out of Business? Liquidate Assets to Pay Off Debts

One of many options, business liquidation marks the end of a business closing, which is the selling of the assets related to the business in order to generate enough funds to pay all the debts accrued to creditors. If you are looking to acquire enough funds to pay off your debts and shut down the business, investing in Leap Auctions, LLC small business liquidation auction can be the answer.

Types of Business Assets that Can Be Liquidated

Business assets example can include the following:
– Equipment such as computers, copy machines, and other office equipment as well as forklift and other heavy equipment.
– Furniture including couches, desks, chairs, and tables.
– Inventory items like raw materials, works in progress, and finished goods.

How to Prepare for a Business Liquidation Auction

When preparing for business liquidation there are a few things you should do.
1) Consult a lawyer and/or your accountant to have them help you through the process.
2) Prepare your assets by having them cleaned and maintained in addition to creating a detailed and accurate inventory.
3) Liquidation value is 20% less than retail value; be sure to invest in an appraiser to determine the worth of your assets. This can give you a basic indication of the revenue you will produce.
4) Consider consignment sales or auctions with Leap Auctions, LLC. With our help, we can help determine if a consignment sale is in your better interest or if the auction will raise you more funds.

Business Liquidation Consignment Sales & Auctions in Bryan, Dublin, Elgin, Jacksonville, Scroggins, TX & the State of Texas

Leap Auctions, LLC business liquidation services are performed with an experienced support staff aggressively marketing your event well in advance to maximize the exposure to your assets and get the most funds available. Our experts are well trained, experienced, and have reliable resources to ensure your business liquidation is counted as a victory. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, Leap Auctions, LLC business liquidation consignment and auctions services are performed with fairness and ethical standards to ensure both parties have equal opportunity. With the competitive bidding, sellers can increase their earning potential and buyers can chose the cost and get quality item for far less. If you are in need of small business liquidation services, contact Leap Auctions, LLC today and let our skilled experts assist you with the buying or selling process.