Living & Deceased Full Estate Sale Auctions

Leap Auctions, LLC is committed to our customers, buyers and sellers alike, to bring a phenomenal experience every time you choose Leap Auctions, LLC to buy or sell your treasures. Our team is trained, experienced, and remarkably skilled and is committed to delivering friendly customer service, high moral standards, exceptional work ethics, and superior execution for all auctions. We procure a wide range of items for our auctions and specialize in the sale and disposition of livestock, heavy equipment, and agricultural equipment, as well as antiques, collectibles, jewelry, gold, coins, vehicles and surplus assets in the State of Texas. We also include full estate sales and total business liquidations in our list of specialties.

Living & Deceased Estate Auctions

When being weighed down with a full estate, knowing where to start in selling off the load can be extremely overwhelming. Perhaps you are moving to another country or out of state and wish to sell a lot of your belongings by having a living estate auction. Having a loved one pass and you being the full beneficiary of their estate, is a prime example of feeling the burden of selling off the items not being handed down to other family members. When trying to not only get rid of an abundant household of items but also needing to make the necessary funds to cover expenses, you might be trying to figure out the most optimal way to sell of the estate to make some cash to cover the expenses piling up. With a few options readily available, investing in Leap Auctions, LLC for your full estate auction is the most optimal solution.

Estate Auctions VS Yard & Garage Sales

An estate garage or yard sale is often utilized by many people, but there are some drawbacks and it’s important to understand them, and consider hiring Leap Auctions, LLC for a Full Estate Auction instead. For your consideration, we have listed some facts as to why you should do so.
– At an garage or yard sale, there is no guarantee that you will sell all the items within the estate, and if time is a factor, you could be stuck with a considerable amount of inventory and little revenue.
– When holding a yard or garage sale, you set the prices of your items without really knowing what the items are worth. At an auction with competitive bidding, you receive at least a fair price and often more.
– The home is the venue of the garage or yard sale. Because of this, you now have granted strangers access to your home to allow them the opportunity to look through the estate items for sale for the duration of the sale.
– By choosing the garage or yard sale method, you hinder your maximum earning potential. If obtaining a high return is necessary, opting to go with Leap Auctions, LLC full estate auction service not only gets you maximum earning potential, but it offers far more benefits.

Benefits of an Estate Sale Auction

Leap Auctions, LLC professionals list the benefits of a full estate auction below.
– The full estate auction continues until ALL items are sold. This way you do not have to worry about storage or other arrangements for items that did not sell.
– With Leap Auctions, LLC, a full estate auction generally lasts just one day, as opposed to the 2-4 days a garage or yard sale may last. At auction, buyers are motivated to act fast and with great urgency to purchase the item or items they want before another buyer steps in.
– The winning bid dictates the final sale price. Though Leap Auctions, LLC starts the bidding at fair market value, ultimately the competitive bidding gives you the opportunity to make maximum dollar on the individual items.
– Garage and yard sales often impose the “first come, first serve” rule. Instead a full estate auction allows the entire body of buyers fair opportunity to bid on items, ensuring quick sales.

Full Estate Sale Auctions in Bryan, Dublin, Elgin, Jacksonville, Scroggins, TX & the State of Texas

If you have been charged with the selling of a full estate, contact Leap Auctions, LLC today and let us consult with you about your full estate auction today!