Consignment Auctions

Leap Auctions, LLC is a family owned and operated auctioning firm where we auction an assortment of quality goods that peek the interests of sellers and buyers. We particularly specialize in the sale and disposition of livestock, antiques, collectibles, jewelry, gold, coins, vehicles and surplus assets in the State of Texas. We also offer full estate sales and total business liquidations, heavy equipment, agricultural equipment such as: tractors, hay equipment, shredders, tillage equipment, fertilizers, balers, bulldozers, excavators, backhoes and skid steers. Our team of experts are fully trained and experienced in all aspects of auctioning. From assisting sellers and buyers, marketing and research, auctioning your items, and assuring the winning bidders receive their items to run a methodically organized and successful auction on consistent basis.

Consignment Auction House

Leap Auctions, LLC happily provides consignment auctions for our valued customers. There is a bit of a process concerning consignment auctions and below you will find the general procedure to give you an idea, but please note, all individual customers have a tailored process to ensure a quality experience from Leap Auctions, LLC.
1) Contact Us; Your Consignment Auction House: To begin the process with your consignment auction, the first step is to contact Leap Auctions, LLC for an estimated value and authenticity of your consignment items. If you prefer, you are welcome to get a formal appraisal, just be sure to give us a copy of the formal written appraisal. For locals in Bryan, Dublin, Elgin, Jacksonville, and Scroggins, Texas you can make an appointment for the valuation process in our office. For those that want to take advantage of Leap Auctions, LLC that are not living in the neighborhood, we can perform online valuations with photographs and detailed information.
2) Consignment Consultation: Leap Auctions, LLC will perform a consultation to offer any answers to the questions you have as well as discuss the consignment process for your individual needs. Following the completion of the necessary paperwork, protocols and contracts, we will arrange for pickup or delivery of your items.
3) Inventory, Insurance, and Storage of Consignment Auction Items: Leap Auctions, LLC can either take possession of your consignment items or they can remain onsite at your location. If we do take possession, our team of specialists will inventory and catalog your merchandise as well as ensure proper storage to keep your items safe and secure in our storage facility and lot. Leap Auctions, LLC is fully licensed and insured, your goods will be adequately insured to give you peace of mind that your consignment is well protected.
4) Consignment Auction Marketing: Leap Auctions, LLC targets the known demographics of your particular consignment, and our team of experts pool their resources and research together in order to aggressively advertise and market to interested parties as well as other potential candidates. We accrue maximum exposure across the globe to ensure your items are sold at the highest revenue possible.
5) Consignment Auction: Once the date of the auction is reached per our scheduled day, Leap Auctions, LLC will perform the auction with our determined, experienced auctioneer and support crew that stimulates the crowd and motivates buyers to have your consignment be a success.

Consignment Auctions in Bryan, Dublin, Elgin, Jacksonville, Scroggins, TX & the State of Texas

Leap Auctions, LLC is very experienced with consignment auctions, if you are considering to sell your collection or items with a consignment auction, contact us today and we will get you started!