Cattle & Livestock Auctions

Leap Auctions, LLC of Texas is a family owned and operated business that is fully licensed and insured to offer our professional expertise to sellers and buyers looking to utilize our highly effective auctioneering method. We support many aspects of auctioneering by specializing in sales and disposition of livestock, heavy equipment, antiques, collectibles, jewelry, gold, coins, vehicles, surplus assets as well as full estate sales and total business liquidation. We diligently assist those looking to buy and sell tractors, hay equipment, shredders, tillage equipment, fertilizers, balers, bulldozers, excavators, backhoes, and skid steers. With our commitment to honesty and integrity along with providing respectful and friendly customer service and exciting atmosphere to ensure everyone is having an enjoyable experience with Leap Auctions, LLC.

Live Livestock Auctions

It has been proven time and time again that live auctions are the most secure and cost effective approach to obtaining livestock. With Leap Auctions, LLC you can rest assured that we will help protect your investment, whether you are a seller or buyer. Whether you are buying or selling your livestock through an auction, you will definitely reap the benefits.

Benefits to Buying & Selling Livestock at Auction

Such benefits to utilizing an auction for livestock from Leap Auctions, LLC includes the following:
– With livestock auction markets, you are protected by acting as the agent to transfer the ownership from seller to buyer.
– Immediate payment backed by a bonded and regulated account is received.
– 100% of livestock producers were paid in full to producers when there were 731 of them and several auction markets left unpaid for livestock following the default of bankruptcy of a livestock broker company and those markets that were left holding bad checks.
– Your best interests will be met when your cattle are represented by our marketing professionals.
– Every bidder is treated fairly and has the opportunity to win the livestock of their choice through competitive bidding.
– Sellers will know that through aggressive marketing and advertising the livestock they wish to be sold will reach a wide range of interested parties, allowing them maximum opportunity to earn the ultimate revenue.
– Buyers have the ability to evaluate the various options of livestock at one convenient location as opposed to going from farm to farm or ranch to ranch in search of the most optimal livestock choices.
– Getting your options of breeds and attributes you are looking for makes it far easier at auctions.
– With buyers dictating cost, doing your homework prior to the auctions can allow you the opportunity to pay the current average prices, which enables you to know the maximum bid and to know when to walk away if the bidding gets too competitive.

Buying & Selling Cattle at Livestock Auctions in Bryan, Dublin, Elgin, Jacksonville, Scroggins, TX & the State of Texas

With Leap Auctions, LLC performing livestock auctions, you receive all of these benefits and more. Our experienced staff members pull together to make certain each and every auction is a success for both sellers and buyers. If you have any questions concerning our livestock auctions, please contact Leap Auctions, LLC today and our friendly staff will assist you in any way possible.