How to Bid & Buy Online Live on Proxibid Auction Platform

Online auctions are a fun way to find the items that you want at prices that you won’t be able to resist. The bidding practice is one of the most important components of an online auction and one that many newcomers sometimes find intimidating. The knowledgeable experts at Leap Auctions, LLC have decades of experience in the auction industry and partner with an online marketplace called Proxibid to consolidate the online auction process for potential buyers to place bids. All manner of items can be found at Leap Auctions proxibid from heavy farm equipment to furniture, jewelry, and an array of other items found through estate sales. The experts at Leap Auctions in conjunction with Proxibid make it quick and easy to find and place bids on items that suit a wide range of budgets!

How to Place a Bid Through Proxibid

There are a number of ways to place a bid on items available at Leap Auctions through the Proxibid server including live internet bidding, pre-bids, and timed auction bids.
Live Online Internet Bidding: Live internet bidding allows individuals to participate in an auction without actually being present at the live event. Leap Auctions can be accessed by clicking on the Live Auctions link on Then, simply click on the “enter live” webcast button to join a Leap Auctions event. Once you have completed any necessary information, Proxibid will download and install the bidder app to your computer making your participation as easy as watch, listen, and bid.
Pre-Bids: A pre-bid may be entered through Proxibid to be represented through an agent at the auction site. Pre-bidding becomes available once the Leap Auctions catalog and “bid button” are visible. Pre-bidding ends approximately 30 minutes before the actual start of the auction event. You can still join the live auction and continue to bid if your pre-bid has been exceeded or if you wish to participate in the live event.
Timed Online Auctions: Just as the name implies, a timed auction is set for a specific period of time. Timed auction events for Leap Auctions can be found listed on the Proxibid web site.

How to Bid Successfully; Tips to help You Win During the Online Bidding Process

Terms of Sale. Always read the terms of sale for each Leap Auctions event before using “pre-bids” to express your interest prior to the auctions scheduled live start time. As a general rule, you should enter your pre-bids for items of interest between 24 to 48 hours before the auction event begins. During this time Proxibid will obtain any information that Leap Auctions may need before the start of the live auction.
Pre-Bids. Entering your pre-bids will also give you an opportunity to be successful if you are unable to join the live auction online. The professionals at Proxibid recommend bidding aggressively if you are interested in an item to help ensure your success. If you wait to place your bid, you run a greater risk of losing the items that you are most interested in. Always attempt to place your bid before the “once-twice” lights on your screen have be activated to ensure that your bid is received.

Live Audio & Video Streaming to Ensure Your Online Bidding Experience

The skilled professionals at Leap Auctions offer live audio and video streaming through Proxibid so you can experience the excitement of the auction event in real time. All that is needed is a high speed internet connection to ensure there is no delay in audio and video. Always use your bidder app to keep up with the bids which will appear each time a bid is acknowledged.\For more information regarding online auction events, contact the knowledgeable experts at Leap Auctions today!