Agricultural Farm & Used Heavy Equipment Auctions in Texas; Tractors, Balers, Combines, Plows, Mowers, Planters, Sprayers & More

Leap Auctions, LLC is family owned and operated offering a great opportunity for sellers and buyers alike to utilize our auction services. We specialize in the sale and disposition of livestock, heavy equipment, antiques, collectibles, jewelry, gold, coins, vehicles and surplus assets as well as full estate sales and total business liquidations. Our team is well versed in auctioneering, having advanced training, years of priceless experience, and remarkable skills in all aspects. For sellers, we aggressively market and advertise your goods across the country to maximize exposure to ensure you get the most revenue possible. Buyers are offered the opportunity to purchase used equipment and great prices. Bidders, buyers and sellers are treated fairly and respectfully at every auction. Among our superior execution on all services rendered, we apply friendly customer service, exceptional work ethics, and high moral standards to make us a highly reputable auction firm.

Selling Heavy Equipment at Auction

Leap Auctions, LLC is the leading authority on auctioning your farming/agricultural equipment. All we need is some basic details of your equipment in order to sell it at fair market value. These details include the year, make and model of the vehicle or equipment, vehicle identification number or equipment serial number, engine, transmission and mileage information, details about any other pertinent or special features of the equipment, and definitive photographs of each item.

Benefits of Used Farm Equipment Auctions for Sellers

At Leap Auctions, LLC, sellers looking to offload their farming equipment can experience the following benefits with our auctioneering service:
1. Agriculture/farming equipment is sold “as is without original owners having to produce warranties or repairs if they do not wish.
2. Settlements can take as little as 10 days or less with no minimum days required.
3. Following Leap Auctions, LLC consultation, sellers do not need to be actively involved in the auction. Whether you have one item you need auctioned or multiple items, Leap Auctions, LLC will complete the rest from start to finish.
4. With our global advertising methods, you will have the maximum opportunity to gain the highest return on your revenue.
5. Having your farming equipment available a few days prior to auction gives bidders sufficient opportunity to preview your goods and generate motivating interest.

Benefits of Used Farm Equipment Auctions to Buyers

Buyers looking to bid on farming equipment and trusting in Leap Auctions, LLC farming auctions can equally benefit. Below we have some of the buyers advantages listed.
1. Eliminating dishonest deals. When opting to use Leap Auctions, LLC, you know what you are purchasing; additionally with the power of competitive bidding you dictate the final price on how much you want to spend.
2. Variety. When using Leap Auctions, LLC farming equipment auction to purchase your equipment, you get the opportunity to preview the items for bid in advance and even bring your own mechanic. Allowing you to see what’s available as opposed to the guessing games at dealers or integrity of private sellers.
3. More value. When buying new equipment, the value of the farming equipment will immediately depreciate. Buying used from an auction can save you money as well as investing in fair market valued equipment.
4. Equality. Auctions give everyone who attends the liberty to bid on the equipment they are attracted to. There are no backroom deals or someone selling to “first come first serve” premise. All attendees at the auction have a fair and equal opportunity at becoming the winning bidder.
5. Cost Effective. Buying used equipment can help you stretch your budget, and getting the farming equipment at an auction can ensure you are aware of the condition of the equipment at the time of purchase.

Agricultural Farm & Used Heavy Equipment Auctions in Texas; Tractors, Balers, Combines, Plows, Mowers, Planters, Sprayers & More in Bryan, Dublin, Elgin, Jacksonville, Scroggins, TX & the State of Texas

Whether you are looking to buy or sell your farming/agricultural equipment, contact Leap Auctions, LLC and let us do the rest!