At Leap Auctions, LLC, we have a wide selection of items available from private sellers along with several other entities including governments, utility companies, manufacturers, contractors, and many other local and regional owners. We sell everything from agricultural equipment and construction equipment to personal property and livestock. Be sure to browse our website for upcoming auction events.

Auction Services for Bidders & Buyers

Live Auction Bidding in Person
We are open to the public, and all of our auctions strive to ensure that you receive direct access to the vehicles and equipment you need to conduct your business ventures. There are literally thousands of auctions which are available to dealers but at Leap Auctions, LLC, you don’t have to have dealer status to bid on and purchase items at our auctions. At Leap Auctions, LLC we provide a service which allows buyers and sellers to connect in a professional atmosphere that is designed to provide our customers with the ability to buy and sell equipment and other items at a fair price.

Online Auction Bidding

If you find yourself in a position where you are unable to attend an auction in person, you can take advantage of our on line services that will allow you access to hundreds of items that you can bid on in real time through AuctionTime, a professional third-party online bidding platform service.

Absentee/Book Bidding
If you are a buyer and you are unable to be present at either the on-site auction event or as an on-line bidder, you can place an absentee bid in advance of the auction. Contact the experts at Leap Auctions, LLC for additional information.

Auction Services for Sellers

At Leap Auctions, LLC we are the experts when it comes to connecting you with the buyers that you need to sell your equipment. Our services include both on site and online services to professionally connect you with serious buyers who are in need of the equipment that are you are offering to sell.

Auction Marketing & Advertising

We pride ourselves on generating a sense of excitement for each auction that we oversee. Our professionalism and marketing presence ensure that the largest numbers of buyers are available which increases your opportunities exponentially when it comes to ensuring the maximum return on each item sold.

How to Get Started Selling Farm or Construction Equipment at Auction

When you sell your agricultural equipment with the professional auction services at Leap Auctions, LLC, all we require is one phone call to begin the seller process along with some other pertinent information that will be needed to provide potential buyers including:
• Year, make and model of the vehicle or equipment
• Vehicle identification number or equipment serial number
• Engine, transmission and mileage information
• Detail about any other pertinent or special features of the equipment
• Detailed photographs of each item

Online Off-site Auction Services

If you have a vehicle or piece of equipment to sell at auction but you are unable to transport it to us, don’t despair, we have off-site auction options available as well. At Leap Auctions, LLC we can include your items in our auction event regardless of where your items are located. Live off-site auctions give our sellers the flexibility of moving items at quickly without the cost of transporting the items to us.

For more information regarding buying and selling at auction, contact the experienced professionals at Leap Auctions, LLC today.